General Purpose Buckets

Challenge general purpose bucket design and features

When attached to a front-end loader, the Challenge general purpose bucket has been designed to ensure there is no rollback, a condition whereby material spills or falls over the rear of the bucket as it is filled. This enables maximum fill with minimum effort, ensuring an efficient loading cycle.

  • Constructed from high tensile steel (570mpa) which is laser cut for accuracy and press formed to ensure superior strength.
  • The lower back portion of the bucket has a double plate arrangement that forms an enclosed ‘box’ section running the full width of the bucket, giving the bucket exceptional torsional strength.
  • A high quality roll formed cutting edge for excellent durability as well as wear plates on the bottom face of the bucket.
  • Heavy section pipe gives a clean smooth face to the top of the bucket.
  • The buckets’ cut ends have been pressed to give strength along the edge and sides of the bucket.
  • The attachment lugs on the rear of the bucket have plates that distribute the load to the strengthened sections of the bucket, directly behind the ‘box’ section and to the formed edge towards the top of the bucket. This eliminates deformation in the back of the bucket during loading cycles.

Optional extras…

Optional ground engaging teeth are available for the Challenge general purpose bucket. This optional extra must be ordered new and is ideally suited for improving digging ability when working with tough soil. Alternatively, keep your bucket in tact when performing a lot of ground engaging work by adding an option replaceable bolt-on cutting edge.

Challenge general purpose bucket specifications

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Model 134LCC 150LCC 170LCC 186LCM 186LC 216LC 246LC 216HC 246HC
Description Compact Compact Compact Midsize Low Capacity Low Capacity Low Capacity High Capacity High Capacity
Tractor horse power range 21-45 hp 21-45 hp 21-45 hp 45-70 hp 55-360 hp 55-360 hp 55-360 hp 55-360 hp 55-360 hp
Weight 62 kg 78 kg 88 kg 178 kg 190 kg 220 kg 245 kg 240 kg 265 kg
Width 1340 mm 1500 mm 1700 mm 1860 mm 1860 mm 2160 mm 2460 mm 2160 mm 2460 mm
Height 425 mm 445 mm 495 mm 600 mm 657 mm 657 mm 657 mm 700 mm 700 mm
Depth 460 mm 490 mm 575 mm 665 mm 672 mm 672 mm 672 mm 787 mm 787 mm
Overall depth 695 mm 740 mm 805 mm 940 mm 964 mm 964 mm 964 mm 1040 mm 1040 mm
Rated capacity 0.16 m³ 0.22 m³ 0.31 m³ 0.49 m³ 0.57 m³ 0.67 m³ 0.77 m³ 0.80 m³ 0.90 m³
Struck capacity 0.13 m³ 0.17 m³ 0.25 m³ 0.38 m³ 0.47 m³ 0.55 m³ 0.63 m³ 0.66 m³ 0.76 m³
Optional ground engaging teeth N/A N/A N/A N/A 7 8 9 8 9

Challenge general purpose buckets can be used on Compact, Aus or Euro hitch front-end loaders