Advanced front-end loader range

The CLX™ series front-end loader is Challenge Implements advanced front-end loader range offering many standard and optional features that save farmers operational time and effort. A great match for agricultural tractors with 50 to 340 horsepower, we have coupled this range with hundreds of tractor models of varying brands.

Available Challenge loader kits for Case IH tractors; Case IH 3200 range, Case IH 4200 range, Case IH CX range, Case IH Farmall C range, Case IH Farmall JX range, Case IH Farmall JXM range, Case IH Farmall U range, Case IH JX range, Case IH JX Straddlemount range, Case IH JXU range, Case IH Magnum 7000 range, Case IH Magnum 8900 range, Case IH Magnum Tier 4 range, Case IH Maxxum range, Case IH Maxxum 5000 range, Case IH Maxxum Tier 4 CVT range, Case IH MX Magnum range, Case IH MX Maxxum range, Case IH MX-C range, Case IH MXM range, Case IH MXU range, Case IH Puma range.

Available Challenge loader kits for New Holland tractors; New Holland 8060 range, New Holland T4 Dual Command range, New Holland T4 Powerstar range, New Holland T4000 range, New Holland T5 range, New Holland T5000 range, New Holland T6 range, New Holland T6000 range, New Holland T7 Tier 4A range, New Holland T7 Tier 4B range, New Holland T7000 range, New Holland T8 range, New Holland T8000 range, New Holland TD5 range, New Holland TDD range, New Holland TG range, New Holland TLA range, New Holland TM range, New Holland TNS range, New Holland TS range, New Holland TSA range, New Holland TT4 range.

Available Challenge loader kits for John Deere tractors; John Deere 1600 range, John Deere 2000 range, John Deere 3050 range, John Deere 4040 range, John Deere 4050 range, John Deere 4055 range, John Deere 4060 range, John Deere 5000 range, John Deere 5010 range, John Deere 5003 range, John Deere 5020 range, John Deere 5025 range, John Deere 5E range, John Deere 5M range, John Deere 5R range, John Deere 6000 range, John Deere 6010 range, John Deere 6020 range, John Deere 6030 range, John Deere 6D range, John Deere 6M range, John Deere 6MC range, John Deere 6R range, John Deere 6R Tier 4 range, John Deere 6RC range, John Deere 7000 range, John Deere 7010 range, John Deere 7020 range, John Deere 7030 range, John Deere 7R range, John Deere 8000 range, John Deere 8R range.

There are more tractor ranges available for our Challenge CLX™ series front-end loader. Contact us to see if we can fit a front-end loader to your tractor model.

Challenge CLX™ standard features

EES™ system

Enhances the strength of the front-end loader without compromising on visibility.

CLT™ system

Self-leveling and providing a clean, concealed approach to ensure improved visibility.

Improved visibility & style

With the combined EES™, CLT™ and more, this front-end loader provides great vision and style.

Fast Lock

The operator can fold and lock the frame stands automatically when attaching the front-end loader.

Auto Cam Lock

The operator can completely attach and secure the front-end loader without leaving the tractor seat.

Electric 3rd Service

Remotely operate an additional hydraulic circuit. Comes standard with the Challenge CLX™.

Aus hitch

Choice of a Australian-style hitch system to match your Australia-style attachments.

Euro hitch

Choice of a European-style hitch system to match your European-style attachments.

Challenge CLX™ optional accessories

The Challenge CLX™ series has a number of optional accessories that improve the time and effort required to do the job and increases the comfort in operating the front-end loader.

  • Electric 4th Service
    Remotely operate an additional hydraulic circuit on top of your pre-existing electic third service.
  • Multi-couplers
    Make it easier to change hydraulics. Ideal for customers who change between attachments often.
  • Hydraulic locking quick coupler (Easy Lock)
    Attach/detach front-end loader attachments from the confort of your tractor seat.
  • Hydro Ride
    Enjoy the smoothest ride possible with the Hydro Ride system.

Challenge CLX™ specifications

Please swipe the table to read all data
CL334X CL364X CL394X CL424X
CL455X CL485X
Tractor horse power (approximate) 50-90 hp 75-110 hp 100-150 hp 140-190 hp 170-220 hp 220-340 hp
(A) Maximum lift height to pivot pin 3323 mm 3609 mm 3924 mm 4238 mm 4477 mm 4760 mm
(B) Maximum lift height under level bucket 2995 mm 3282 mm 3597 mm 3912 mm 4134 mm 4434 mm
(C) Clearance with bucket dumped (see Note 1) 2397 mm 2683 mm 2998 mm 3312 mm 3368 mm 3834 mm
(D) Reach at maximum lift height (see Note 2) 1226 mm 1276 mm 1285 mm 1412 mm 1440 mm 1555 mm
(E) Maximum dump angle 56° 56° 56° 56° 56° 58°
(F) Reach with bucket on ground (see Note 3) 2211 mm 2340 mm 2363 mm 2459 mm 2557 mm 2608 mm
(G) Maximum rollback angle 50° 51° 49° 51° 51° 53°
(H) Digging depth (see Note 4) 180 mm 180 mm 180 mm 180 mm 180 mm 180 mm
(J) Overall height in carry position 1695 mm 1843 mm 1996 mm 2143 mm 2203 mm 2293 mm
(K) Maximum rollback angle at max. lift height 50° 48° 55° 55° 55° 55°
Lift capacity at pivot pin - ground level 2040 kg 2630 kg 2960 kg 3171 kg 3378 kg 3546 kg
Lift capacity at pivot pin - max. lift height 1505 kg 2156 kg 2308 kg 2350 kg 2610 kg 2715 kg
Lift capacity at 800mm from pivot pin - ground level 1685 kg 2265 kg 2643 kg 2845 kg 3045 kg 3190 kg
Lift capacity at 800mm from pivot pin - 1.5m lift height 1550 kg 2230 kg 2518 kg 2662 kg 2861 kg 2872 kg
Lift capacity at 800mm from pivot pin - max. lift height 1280 kg 1900 kg 1980 kg 2215 kg 2412 kg 2530 kg
Bucket rollback force at ground height 2495 kg 3055 kg 3083 kg 3726 kg 4078 kg 4347 kg
Tractor pump pressure (depending on tractor model) 185 bar 185 bar 185 bar 185 bar 185 bar 185 bar
Maximum frame weight 574 kg 616 kg 652 kg 715 kg 790 kg 890 kg
Maximum front tyre size guide 987-1149 mm 1104-1277 mm 1277- 1358 mm 1358-1480 mm 1480-1560 mm 1480-1605 mm
Maximum front tyre diameter guide 12.4R24 360/70R24 14.9R24 460/70R24 14.9R28 480/65R28 16.9R30 540/65R30 18.4R30 520/70R30 16.9R34 480/70R34

[Note 1] Vertical distance from ground line to lowest point of cutting edge when bucket is dumped 45° and loader is fully raised.

[Note 2] Horizontal distance from tip of bucket cutting edge to centre line of tractor front wheels with loader fully-raised and bucket dumped at 45°.

[Note 3] Horizontal distance from tip of bucket cutting edge to centre line of tractor front wheels with bucket level on ground.

[Note 4] Digging depth can vary depending on fitted tractor tyre equipment.

[Disclaimer] Loader specifications may vary with tractor models, tyre sizes and/or hydraulic systems, and assume a hydraulic system capacity of 15.0 Mpa. To correctly ballast the tractor when used with a front-end loader, a three-point linkage counterweight must be fitted. Also refer to the tractor operators manual for weighting and ballasting information.

Challenge CLX™ front-end loader packages are available for varying tractor brands