Round Bale Fork

Challenge round bale fork design and features

The Challenge Essential ‘E’ Series round bale fork is a similar design and functionality to the Essential Series round bale spike but built even stronger, with a larger frame and tougher tines, to allow the operator to spike into the flat side of a round bale or slide under a round bale to support loose/older round bales.

These attachments are a perfect match with a three-point linkage round bale spike to transport twice as many round bales whilst also ensuring tractor stability.

  • A simple design with easy to replace wearing parts
  • The simplicity in design improves overall visibility
  • All tines fit into a tapered sleeve and are removable

Challenge round bale fork specifications

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Model E-120RBF
Description Essential Series
Weight 90 kg
Width 1210 mm
Compatible tines 2 x 1110 mm (Conus II) or
2 x 1260 mm (Conus II)
Inner tine spacing 870 mm
Note: Tine lengths are calculated as usable length.