Heavy Duty Grader

Challenge G Series rear end grader design and features

The Challenge G Series rear end graders can be used for maintenance and repair of agricultural roads and other farm related operations. The blade can also be reversed for back blade work. The Challenge G Series rear end graders have been designed specifically to suit tough Australian conditions.

  • Large high tensile 100 mm rotation pin ensures correct alignment and maximum forces can be sustained
  • Main boom structure has been designed to handle the large horse power of today’s tractors
  • Hydraulic hoses are clearly routed to the tractor remote connections
  • Equipped with two heavy duty, pneumatic depth wheels
  • Blade angle and rotation plate is fixed by two large machined brackets that take all the forces submitted through the blade
  • The front hitch is compatible with category II and III linkage and category III quick hitch systems
  • Grader blades are constructed of 8 mm high grade steel with replaceable purpose built toughened wear edges
  • Two heavy duty supporting stands that allow stable and easy storage of the grader

Challenge G Series rear end grader specifications

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Model G24 G30
Tractor horse power range 90-180 hp 120-220 hp
Tractor linkage category II, III or III quick hitch II, III or III quick hitch
Weight 1070 kg 1120 kg
Hydraulic blade angle Standard Standard
Blade angle adjustment 45° 45°
Hydraulic blade tilt Standard Standard
Blade tilt adjustment 18° 18°
Hydraulic blade offset Standard Standard
Blade offset adjustment 830 mm 830 mm
Blade thickness 8 mm 8 mm
Side panels Optional Optional