Challenge ripper design and features

The Challenge three-point linkage R series ripper has been designed for tough Australian conditions and is used to; rip pipe channels, rip drainage channels, rip channels to plant trees and break up compacted soil.

  • Parabolic shaped replaceable tine for maximum ground penetration with minimum force
  • Hard wearing replaceable cutting edge for long service life and optimal ground penetration.
  • Stable stands, when lowered, fully support the weight of the ripper, pipe layer and reel for safe stowage and maintenance. When folded up, the stands stay on the ripper during operation for easy implement parking whenever needed.

Challenge ripper specifications

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Model R 2/3
Tractor horse power range 100-350 hp
Tractor linkage category II, III or III quick hitch
Weight 255 kg
Rip depth 600 mm
Tine width 50 mm
Cutting tip width 100 mm