Square Wrapped Silage Grab

Challenge square wrapped silage grab design and features

When fitted to a compatible front-end loader, the square wrapped silage grab carefully handles one square wrapped silage bale, one square hay bale or two square hay bales when fitted with the optional back rest extension. Bringing the arms together around the square wrapped silage or bale allows it to be handled, transported and stacked securely and safely. Read on for more features.

  • The ability to carefully handle one wrapped square silage bale or one square hay bale
  • Help prevent damage to the wrapping material on silage bales with grab arms that have a large smooth surface area
  • Available in two hitch types; Aus and Euro

Optional extras…

Optional back rest extension is available for the Challenge square wrapped silage grab. This optional extra simply bolts to the top of the attachment. Ideally suited for handling two square bales.

Electric third service required…

The Challenge square wrapped silage grab requires a third hydraulic control circuit to activate the grab portion of the attachment; the electric third service feature comes standard with the Challenge CLX™ series front-end loaders.

Challenge square wrapped silage grab specifications

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Model 180SSG 246SSG
Weight 374 kg 412 kg
Bale size 3' to 6' 6' to 8'

Challenge square wrapped silage grab can be used on Aus or Euro hitch front-end loaders