Power Silage Grab

Challenge power silage grab design and features

When fitted to a compatible front-end loader, the power silage grab easily handles pit silage. Using minimum effort and ensuring an efficient cut into silage, this silage grabbing attachment will powerfully force its tough tines through the silage in a circular motion. This Challenge power silage grab attachment comes in two sizes with a bunch of features.

  • The ability to easily handle pit silage
  • The tines are forced through silage in a circular motion and when clamped creates an efficient cut
  • Comes in two widths, see specifications for the finer details
  • The tines are spaced to ensure wastage from material falling through the edges of the power silage grab is kept to a minimum
  • All tines fit into a tapered sleeve and are removable
  • Available in two hitch types; Aus and Euro

Electric third service required…

The Challenge power silage grab requires a third hydraulic control circuit to activate the grab portion of the attachment; the electric third service feature comes standard with the Challenge CLX™ series front-end loaders.

Challenge power silage grab specifications

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Model 150PSG 180PSG
Weight 253 kg 304 kg
Width 1500 mm 1800 mm
Depth 860 mm 860 mm
Volume/capacity 0.64 m³ / 394 kg 0.76 m³ / 467 kg
Compatible bottom tines x usable length 9 x 670 mm 11 x 670 mm
Compatible bottom tine spacing 175 mm 175 mm
Compatible top tines x usable length 6 x 550 mm 7 x 550 mm
Compatible top tine spacing 251 mm 260 mm
Compatible side tines x usable length 2 x 680 mm (Conus I) 2 x 680 mm (Conus I)
Maximum opening 1124 mm 1124 mm