Power Log Grab

Challenge power log grab design and features

The Challenge power log grab is ideal for lifting logs, sleepers and other long and heavy objects. When loaded similar to a pallet fork, the attachment arm grips on the centre of the load keeping it secure. The fork arms are used on the pallet fork attachments meaning it increases the load bearing surface area. They are also easily remove and replaceable when worn.

Electric third service required…

The Challenge power log grab requires a third hydraulic control circuit to activate the grab portion of the attachment; the electric third service feature comes standard with the Challenge CLX™ series front-end loaders.

Challenge power log grab specifications

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Model 100PLG
Weight 240 kg
Width 1350 mm
Maximum opening 870 mm
Minimum closing 210 mm

Challenge power log grabs can be used on Aus or Euro hitch front-end loaders.