Bale Spinner

Challenge bale spinner design and features

Feeding out with the Challenge bale spinner will save time, increase productivity, reduce trips in and out of the cab and allow you to feed out over fence lines. The bale spinner allows you to feed out the amount you need for each area of your farm operation, it is an economical way of distributing your round silage and hay bales.

  • Feed out in an evenly spread straight line increasing your feed area
  • Feed out over fence lines, saving time and running costs
  • With the three bale spikes it is a very secure way of transporting the bale to different feed locations
  • One bale can be fed out in multiple locations
  • The Challenge bale spinner has a built in hydraulic relief system protecting the attachment, tractor and operator from bale over run or unevenly distributed bale weight
  • Large high quality main bearings running on a solid centre pivot pin ensuring high strength and trouble free spinning
  • Large heavy duty chain and sprockets along with a very strong main carriage frame means it is built to roll out bales for years to come

Challenge bale spinner specifications

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Model Round
Weight 156 kg
Width 1320 mm
Height 562 mm
Compatible tines 3 x 970 mm (Conus I)
Note: Tine lengths are calculated as usable length.