Light Material Bucket

Challenge light material bucket design and features

The telehandler range of light material buckets are available in three different widths for both Manitou and JCB hitch. These Challenge buckets are purposely designed for light material with a bulk density of up to 1200 kg/m³ allowing for large volumetric scoops. These Challenge buckets also have hard-wearing leading edges that exceed industry standards, making it a longer lasting Telehandler attachment. All Challenge light material buckets include the following features.

  • Available in two Telehandler hitches; Manitou and JCB
  • Comes standard with a double cutting edge
  • Engineered for extra underside protection
  • Available with a bolt-on level gauge

Challenge light material bucket specifications

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Model TM-15LM TM-25LM TM-35LM TJ-15LM TJ-25LM TJ-35LM
Telehandler hitch Manitou Manitou Manitou JCB JCB JCB
Weight 485 kg 620 kg 775 kg 500 kg 630 kg 785 kg
Width 2100 mm 2400 mm 2400 mm 2100 mm 2400 mm 2400 mm
Height 1042 mm 1257 mm 1491 mm 1018 mm 1164 mm 1381 mm
Depth 1264 mm 1494 mm 1734 mm 1429 mm 1612 mm 1888 mm
Volume/capacity 1.5 m³ 2.5 m³ 3.5 m³ 1.5 m³ 2.5 m³ 3.5 m³
Bolt-on edge Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optional level gauge Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rated Material Density
less than or equal to
1200 kg/m³ 1200 kg/m³ 1200 kg/m³ 1200 kg/m³ 1200 kg/m³ 1200 kg/m³