Side Tilting Bucket

Challenge side tilting bucket design and features

When attached to an excavator with a pin diameter of 45mm and pin spacing of 245mm, the Challenge side tilting bucket (STB) has been designed for efficiently moving large amounts of material in the work area and has the ability to tilt 45° either side to batter at a variety of angles.

There are two (2) available sizes of the side tilting bucket in this series of Challenge excavator attachments; 1000mm and 1200mm widths.

These buckets come with a reversible bolt-on cutting edge making it a longer lasting attachment.

Challenge side tilting bucket specifications

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Model STB 55-1200 STB 55-1500
Series 55 Series 55 Series
Pin diameter 45 mm 45 mm
Pin spacing 245 mm 245 mm
Weight 305 kg 350 kg
Width 1200 mm 1500 mm
Capacity 0.28 m³ 0.36 m³

Two available sizes of side tilting bucket in this series