Gummy Bucket

Challenge gummy bucket design and features

When attached to an excavator with a pin diameter of 30mm and pin spacing of 138.5mm, the Challenge gummy bucket (GB) has been designed for general use in work areas that require a smooth finish.

There are two (2) available sizes of the gummy buckets in this series of Challenge excavator attachments; 200mm and 300mm widths.

These buckets come with a reversible bolt-on cutting edge making it a longer lasting attachment.

Challenge gummy bucket specifications

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Model GB 25-200 GB 25-300
Series 25 Series 25 Series
Pin diameter 30 mm 30 mm
Pin spacing 138.5 mm 138.5 mm
Weight 30 kg 39 kg
Width 200 mm 300 mm
Capacity 0.012 m³ 0.025 m³

Two available sizes of gummy bucket in this series