Multi Purpose Buckets

Multi-Purpose buckets have four different functions, these include; bucket, blade, grab and grader.

For the ultimate in versatility, the multi-purpose 4-in-1 bucket gives you a bucket, a blade, a grab and a grader. This attachment requires a third hydraulic control circuit.

  • Bucket – With the multi-purpose bucket in the closed position you have a standard earthmoving bucket to pick up and move loose materials, with the option to open the bucket to empty material instead of dumping (ideal for unloading material over a high side-board of a truck or trailer).
  • Blade – With the multi-purpose bucket in the open position and the fixed half of the bucket in the vertical position you have an earthmoving blade.
  • Grab – As you approach the material to be handled you can open the multi-purpose bucket and position it over or around the material then, closing the bucket jaws in a biting action, pick up the material.
  • Grader – With the multi-purpose bucket in the open position and dumped forward so the front internal cutting edge is in contact with the ground, you can drag the bucket backwards to scrape material into a heap or to backfill trenches. With the multi-purpose bucket in a similar orientation but with both internal cutting edges in contact with the ground, the bucket can be used as a leveller on firmer surfaces.

All multi-purpose buckets have been designed to exceed the requirements of the agricultural industry and, when used with the standard level-lift Challenge front end loader, have safety features to eliminate rollback, this feature prevents material from falling over the rear of the bucket when it is filled. The multi-purpose buckets enable maximum fill with minimum effort, ensuring an efficient loading cycle. Buckets are available in a number of sizes to enable a more compatible loader/tractor combination, ensuring you get the most from your loader.

  • The lower back portion of the bucket has a double plate arrangement constructed from high tensile steel (570mpa) that forms an enclosed 'box' section running the full width of the bucket, giving the bucket exceptional torsional strength.
  • Buckets have high-quality roll-formed cutting edges for excellent durability.
  • Heavy section pipe give a clean smooth face to the top of the bucket.
  • The laser cut ends and hinges of the bucket have been cut from heavy high-grade plate to give maximum strength to the sides of the bucket.
  • The bottom of the bucket has additional formed plate with internal rib section for maximum strength in the moving half of the bucket.
  • Some multi-purpose buckets can be fitted with ground-engaging teeth if required.